5 Mindful Parenting Strategies for a Healthier Home

Raising a child is challenging. Children require lots of attention, love, and care. While parenting is difficult, it is also incredibly rewarding.

Parents are raising the next generation of healthcare professionals, teachers, and leaders of industry. Let's explore a few simple ways to create healthier home environments for children and families.

Technology's Impact on Parenting

A Young Girl Uses a Tablet at the Dinner Table - Mindful Parenting Challenges

With more kids using devices at home and for school, parents are faced with new challenges like managing screen time, social media, and media intake.

On one hand technology is a force for good, increasing connectivity between children and their peers, but on the other hand it can reduce self-esteem and mental health. [1] Other technology concerns include children developing behavioral issues and being exposed to inappropriate content.

As society changes, parenting styles change with it, and technology is a major driving factor. [2] Parenting styles have changed to accommodate fast-paced lives, families with two working parents, and new family structures.

Regardless of parenting style, a recurring goal is to create a healthy environment so our children can thrive. One way to do this is through mindful parenting.



What is mindful parenting?

Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and surrounding environment in the present moment. One study published by the University of Bridgeport found that practicing mindful meditation, a central component to mindful parenting, reduces stress, worry, irritability, and even chronic pain. [3]

Since children learn from their parents, parents who practice mindfulness have the potential to benefit the entire family and encourage healthy relationships. [4]

In other words, a parent who consciously practices emotional regulation with mindful meditation will model this behavior for their children, planting a seed in the life of a child who may not experience this as an option elsewhere.

Benefits of Mindful Parenting

  • Reduced parenting stress and conflict [5]
  • Increased emotional regulation in both parents and children [6], [7]
  • Reduced behavior problems in children [8]
  • Support for children’s social decision-making [9]
  • Increased potential for quality family time
  • Reduced childhood obesity [10]

5 Mindful Parenting Activities

A Family of Five Walks Through An Open Field Holding Hands - Mindful Parenting Strategies

Integrate these small changes into your household for a more balanced and healthier emotional atmosphere that can positively impact the whole family.

    1. Slow Down

    Take 10 minutes a day to calm your mind, breathe, and assess how you are feeling. Taking this break can bring peace and clarity to your day.

    Slowing down can also include something as simple as taking time to enjoy activities with your family instead of rushing through them.

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    2. Balance Screen Time with Family Time

    Because children learn media habits from their parents, [11] how much time a parent spends on a screen will affect how much time their child will spend.

    With this understanding screen time should be used mindfully in the presence of children and balanced with quality family time.



    3. Encourage your Child to be Mindful

    Children will learn to assess their environment and how they feel in different situations. Encouraging kids to be mindful will teach them emotional control and how to set their own limits on things. 

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    4. Listen Actively

    Adults and children need to feel heard. Listening and allowing children to express their opinions freely can lead to more trust and open communication in the home.

    5. Think Before Reacting

    When you’re upset, think before reacting to the situation. Pausing will give you time to process how you are feeling and more calmly address the situation.

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    Additional Mindful Parenting Activities

    Want more? Check out these other resources we found for you:

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