Good Luck Yogi and the Earth Adventures Book

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Good Luck Yogi and the Earth Adventures tells the story of GLY, a peace hero from inner space, who visits Earth to show children how to meditate away the negative dust clouds blocking their positive energy and light.

Along the journey, GLY meets many new friends and shows each one of them how they can unlock their natural gifts and become a superhero in their special way.


  • Hardcover, 40-page, illustrated children's book in full-color
  • Kid-friendly instructions for deep breathing
  • 3 guided meditations on gratitude, nature, and calmness


"My children use Good Luck Yogi for focus, relaxation, and to just decompress.  It may seem small to us, but little people have pressures too." - Tisha Campbell, Actress

"Providing children with a tool to strengthen their ability to focus on the present can give them a great advantage. GLY is a hero that can give our children an amazing superpower." - Dr. Nicole Brown, Executive Director, Learning Dynamics, Inc.

"Peace begins with each one of us and what better place to start than with the children.  Good Luck Yogi can be an ambassador to promote inner peace and wellness to children and their families everywhere." - Jeffrey D. Brown, Activist and Award Winning Director

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